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(cover) Sly And Robbie Fire (PG Smykle rmx) 4th + B'way UK 12" 12 BRW 71
Jungle Bros Freaking You
Beth Orton Central Reservation (The Then Again Version)
Mayaula Mayoni Don P Alpha B.C MAYAULA Sonodisc CD 92011
Sonic Youth nyc Ghosts and flowers NYC GHOSTS AND FLOWERS Geffen
The Stone Roses I Wanna Be Adored STONE ROSES
The Raincoats Off Duty Trip TOTALLY WIRED Razor And Tie RE 2076
MC Paul Barman The Joy Of The World IT'S VERY STIMULATING Word Sound WSEP003
Laid Back White Horse Sire 12" 0-20178
Bjork Human Behaviour
Biz Markie Just A Friend KURTIS BLOW PRESENTS . VOL 3 Rhino R2 72853
The Promise Ring Make Me A Mix Tape
Levon And The Hawks He Don't Love You (and He'll Break Your Heart) AT THE CLUB Kent UK KEND 168
The Replacements Can't Hardly Wait
Siouxsee + Banshees Kiss Them For Me
P. Funk All-Stars Flash Light LIVE AT THE BEVERLY THEATRE Westbound 2WBCD 1110
Amon Tobin w/ Quadraceptor Precursor SUPERMODIFIED Ninja Tune zen CD 48
Cyberia Mr. Chill's Back Door IST 12" IST001
Barry White I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby ALL-TIME GREATES T HITS Mercury 314-522-459-2
Kelly Hogan + Pine Valley Cosm onauts (It's a Might Thin Line) Between Love And Hate BENEATH THE COUNTRY UNDERDOG Bloodshot BS 062
The Collins kids Hop Skip And Jump THE ROCKIN'EST Bear Family BCD 16250 AH
The Ramonres Blitzkrieg Bop
Fania All-Stars Watermelon Man THE PERFECT BLEND CBS DKL 10453
Primal Scream Swastika Eyes

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