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(cover) The Box Tops I Shall Be Released DIMENSIONS Sundazed SC 6161 Buy It!
Elliot Smith Waltz #2
Groove Armada Serve Chilled
Dido All You Want Buy It!
Shut Up And Dance Save It 'Til The Mourning After Pulse-8 UK 12" PULS84T"

Belle And Sebastian The Model FOLD YOUR HANDS... Buy It!
Talking Heads Nothing (But Flowers) NAKED Buy It!
Barry White Never Never Gonna Give You Up GR. HITS Buy It!
Mark Stewart + Mafia Jerusalem / High Ideals and Crazy Dreams On U Sound UK 12 Buy It! (Sorta…)

Jayhawks Queen Of The World SMILE Buy It!
Belly Gepetto STAR Buy It!
Steve Earle Lonlier Than This TRANSCENDENTAL BLUES Buy It!
Rudy Gaddis Uranium Fever ROCKABILLY SHAKEOUT Buy It!
The Jam Town Called Mailice GR. HITS Buy It!

Olive All You Ever Needed TRICKLE Buy It!
Kraftwerk Telephone Call WB 12" 20627 Buy It!
Green Velvet Answering Machine GREEN VELVET Buy It!

April March Garcon Glacon CHROMINANCE DECODER Buy It!
John Prine The Same Thing Happenend To Me LOST DOGS... Buy It!
Vigilantes Of Love Solar System
North Miss. Allstars Shake 'Em On Down
Monday Michiru Hear Between the Silence ROYALTIES OVERDUE Mo Wax MW LP 03

Jazz Cannon Killed At Party AMATEUR SOUL SURGERY Function 8 FER88809-2
The Folk Implosion E.Z. L.A. ONE PART LULLABY Buy It!
Mass Production Firecracker "FIRECRACKERS Buy It!


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