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(cover) The Animals   Mess Around   ANIMAL TRACKS Buy It!
The Jayhawks   A Break In The Clouds   SMILE Buy It!
Pavment   Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence   NO ALTERNATIVE Buy It!
Til Tuesday   Voices Carry   VOICES CARRY Buy It!
Morphine   The Night   THE NIGHT Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Ladytron   Play Girl   COMMODORE ROCK EP Buy It!
Q-Feel   Dancing In Heaven   NEW WAVE HITS Buy It!
Lokassa Ya Mbongo   Marie Jose   LIGHTNING OVER THE RIVER Music Club 50098
---   ---   ---
The Golden D   Fame And Fortune   THE GOLDEN D Buy It!
Pixies   UMass   TROMPE LE MONDE Buy It!
Garbage   I Think I'm Paranoid   VERSION 2.0 Buy It!
The Replacements   Can't Hardly Wait   PLEASED TO MEET ME Buy It!
Bob Dylan   You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome  BLOOD ON THE TRACKS Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Brooklyn Funk Essentials   I Got Cash   MAKE THEM LIKE IT Buy It!
Prince Far I   Virgin   DISCOPLATES COLLECTION PT. 1 On-U Sound CD 0012 Buy It!
Special AKA   War Crimes   2 Tone UK 10" CHS TT 10 23
---   ---   ---
Marvin Pontiac   Small Car   LEGENDARY . Buy It!
Billy Paul   Am I Black Enough For You   BEST OF . Buy It!
Dido   All You Want   NO ANGEL Buy It!
Elliot Smith   Waltz #2   XO Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Billy Bragg / Wilco   The Meanest Man   MERMAID AVE VOL 2 Buy It!
Marshall Crenshaw   Someday Someway   MARSHALL CRENSHAW Buy It!
The Treniers   Rockin' Is Our Business   THEY ROCK! THEY ROLL!...
My bloody Valentine   When You Sleep   LOVLESS Buy It!
Frankie Paul   War Is In the Dance   PASS THE TU-SHENG PENG Buy It!
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