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(cover) Trunk Federation   I Don't Like Mondays   THE CURSE OF MISS KITTY Buy It!
Sonic Youth   Nevermind (What Was It Anyway)   NYC GHOSTS AND FLOWERS Buy It!
Marvin Gaye   Can I Get A Witness   ANTHOLOGY Buy It!
Eon   Spice   Columbia / Vinyl Solution Sampler CSK 4427
---   ---   ---
Candy Kane   I'm The Toughest Girl Alive   THE TOUGHEST GIRL ALIVE Buy It!
Billy Bragg + Wilco   Hot Rod Hotel   MERMAID AVE. VOL 2 Buy It!
Morphine   Cure For Pain   CURE FOR PAIN Buy It!
Dusty Trails   Roll The Dice   DUSTY TRAILS Buy It!
Lyrics Born + Lateef   Say That   LATRYX: THE ALBUM Buy It! (sorta…)
Echo + The Bunnymen   Seven Seas   OCEAN RAIN Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Mekons  I Have been To Heaven And Back   I HAVE BEEN TO HEAVEN... Buy It!
Sleater-Kinney   You're No Rock 'n Roll Fun   ALL HANDS ON THE BAD ONE Buy It!
Police   Bed's Too Big Without You   REGATTA DE BLANC Buy It!
N. Miss. AllStars   Shake 'em On Down   SHAKE HANDS WITH SHORTY Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Sensational   The Best   HEAVYWEIGHTER Buy It!
The Meters   Hey! Last Minute   STRUTTIN' Buy It!
The Smiths   How Soon Is Now   MEAT IS MURDER Buy It!
Paul Bascomb   Mumbles Blues   CHICKEN SHACK BOOGIE VOL 2
---   ---   ---
Saint Etienne   Heart Attack (In The Back Of A Taxi)   SOUND OIF WATER Buy It!
Talking Heads   And She Was   LITTLE CREATURES Buy It!
UK Apache + Shy FX   Original Nuttah   JUNGLE Buy It!
U2   Lemon   ZOOROPA Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Robyn Hitchcock   The Yip! Song  LIVE AT THE CAMBRIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL Fuel 2000 302-061-070-2
Richard Thompson   Tearstained Letter   HAND OF KINDNESS Buy It!
B-52s   Rock Lobster   B-52s Buy It!
---   ---   ---
end   end   end

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