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(cover) The Blasters   I'm Shakin'   THE BLASTERS Slash SR 109
Wilco   Airline To Heaven   MERMAID AVE VOL 2 Buy It!
Joe Jackson   On Your Radio   LIVE 1980 -1986 Buy It!
Annie Anxiety   In Your Arms   One Little Indian UK 12" 12TP6
R.E.M.   Gardening At Night   MURMUR Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Madonna   Paradise (Not For Me)   MUSIC Buy It!
Creation Rebel   Creation Rebel   DISCOPLATES COLL. PT. 1 Buy It!
Bryan Ferry  More Than This   SLAVE TO LOVE Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Mekons   City Of London   JOURNEY . NIGHT Buy It!
Big Star   September Gurls (live)   LIVE Buy It!
Carl Smith   There Stands The Glass   BOURBON COUNTRY Columbia 487874
Elastica   Mad Dog   THE MENACE Buy It!
Amayenge   Mao (2x2)   ZAMBIANCE! Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Ill Logic + DJ Raf   Spacewalk   Emotiv 12' EMF 2037
Donna Summer   On The Radio   BEST OF Buy It!
Brian Eno   Fractal Zoom (Moby Up River Mix)   Opal / Warner Bros. 12" 9-40593
---   ---   ---
Morphine   Top Floor Bottom Buzzer   THE NIGHT target="new"> Buy It!
The Congos   Children Crying   HEART OF THE CONGOS Buy It!
Suzanne Vega   99.9 Farenheight Degrees   99.9 FARENHEIGHT DEGREES Buy It!
El General   Pu Tun Tun   GRANDES EXITOS Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Tahiti 80   Heartbeat   PUZZLE Buy It!
Ozomatli   O Le Le   OZOMATLI Buy It!
Irma Thomas   If You Want It, Come And Get It  MY HEART'S IN MEMPHIS Buy It!
Leftfield   Afro-Left   LEFTISM Buy It!
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