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(cover) Cowboy Junkies   Walking After Midnight  TRINITY SESSIONS Buy It!
Chappaquidick Skyline   The Two Of You Sleep   CHAPPAQUIDICK SKYLINE Buy It!
Meat Puppets   Lake Of Fire   MEAT PUPPETS II Buy It!
North Miss. Allstars   Shake 'Em On Down   SHAKE HANDS WITH SHORTY Buy It!
Graciela   El Bizcocho   FANIA LEGEND Declic 507182
---   ---   ---
Jimi Tenor   Blood On Borscht   OUT OF NOWHERE Buy It!
Dub Sydicate   2001 Love Pt 1   DISCOPLATES COLLECTION 2 Buy It!
Bjork w/ Thom Yorke   I've Seen It All   SELMASONGS Buy It!
Phoenix   Heatwave   SOURCE MATERIAL Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Joseph Arthur   Ashes Everywhere   COME TO WHERE I'M FROM Buy It!
Dinosaur Jr.   Puke + Cry   GREEN MIND Buy It!
Dusty Trails   Est'ce Que Tu   DUSTY TRAILS Buy It!
The Beautiful South   36D   WELCOME TO THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Soulstice   Lovely   Om Records 12" OM 055
Bedrock   Voices (slacker's Dumb Struck Mix)   SASHA + DIGWEED - COMMUNICATE Buy It!
Ritma   Laughter   Om Record 12" OM 053
---   ---   ---
Swinging Neckbreakers   Flop   CAVESTOMP VOL 1 CS 5001-2
The Cramps   Can You Pussy Do The Dog?   GR. HITS Buy It!
English Beat   Mirror In The Bathroom   I JUST CAN'T STOP IT Buy It!
Sinead O'Connor   Daddy I'm Fine   FAITH AND COURAGE Buy It!
MC5   High School   THE BIG BANG! , BEST OF Buy It!
James Brown   It's Too Funky In Here   DEAD ON THE HEAVY FUNK Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Neko Case + Her Boyfriends   South Tacoma Way   FURNACE ROOM LULLABY Buy It!
Elliot Smith   Waltz #2   XO Buy It!
Wedding Present   Love Machine   PEEL SESSIONS '92 - '95 Cooking Vinyl COOK CD 146
Inner Circle / Fatman Riddim Section   Copper Bullet   HEAVYWEIGHT DUB Buy It!
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