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July 31 2000
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++
(cover) Tindersticks   I've Been Loving You To Long   TRAVELLING LIGHT EP WAY 4555
Elliot Smith   Son Of Sam   FIGURE 8 Buy It!
The Beatles   Lovely Rita Meter Maid   SGT. PEPPERS... Buy It!
Siouxsee + Banshees   Shadowtime   SUPERSTITION Buy It!
Rinocerose   La Guitaristique House Org.   INSTALLATION SONORE Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Ish / Shelene Thomas   Inner Bein'   SUBTERRANEAN HITZ VOL 1 Buy It!
Van Morrison   Moondance   MOONDANCE Buy It!
Coldcut   Beats and Pieces   Ahead Of Our Time UK 12" CCUT 1
Keep On Running Away   Bits 'n Pieces   UPTOWN, DOWN SOUTH Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Belle + Sebastian   The Wrong Girl   FOLD YOUR HANDS Buy It!
Roky Erickson   I Walked With A Zombie   YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME Buy It!
David Bowie   John' I'm Only Dancing   CHANGESBOWIE Buy It!
Moby   Honey   PLAY Buy It!
Orq. Estrellas Cubanas   Los Tiempos Cambian   EL MAMBO ME PRIVA Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Billy Bragg + Wilco   Against The Law   MERMAID AVE 2 Buy It!
Cocteau Twins   Heaven Or Las Vegas   HEAVEN OR LAS VEGAS Buy It!
XTC   I'd Like That   VOL 1 APPLE VENUS Buy It!
The Nails   Things You Left Behind   DANGEROUS DREAMS RCA AFL1-5831
Morcheeba w/ Bahamadia  Good Girl Down   FRAGMENTS OF FREEDOM Buy It!
---   ---   --- Buy It!
Kelly Hogan + PVC   I Still Can't Believe That You're Gone   BENEATH... Buy It!
Elvis Costello + Attractions   Shipbuilding   PUNCH THE CLOCK Buy It!
Biz Markie   This Is Something For The Radio   GOIN' OFF Buy It!
Rose Royce   Wishing On A Star   GR. HITS Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Broadcast   Papercuts   THE NOISE MADE BY PEOPLE Buy It!
REM   Pretty Persuasion   MURMUR Buy It!
MC Paul Berman   How Hard Is That?   Matador 12" OLE 447 Buy It! (sorta…)
Sven Vath   L'Esperanza   ACCIDENT IN PARADISE Buy It!
---   ----   ---

August 01 2000
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++
(cover) Brave Combo / Kikusuimaru   Volare   MOODSWING MUSIC Buy It!
The Jayhawks   I'm Gonna Make You Love Me   SMILE Buy It!
Johnathan Richman / Modern Lovers   Roadrunner   MODERN LOVERS Buy It!
Primal Scream p   Swastika Eyes   XTRMNTR Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Clinton   Buttoned Down Disco   DISCO + THE HALFWAY…. Buy It!
Public Enemy   Bring The Noise   IT TAKES A NATION... Buy It!
Groove Armada   If Everybody Looked the Same   VERTIGO Buy It!
Kraftwerk   Trans Europe Express   TRANS EUROPE EXPRESS Buy It!
---   ---   ---
David Johansen   Delia   …AND THE HARRY SMITHS Buy It!
Sinead O'Connor   All Apologies   UNIVERSAL MOTHER Buy It!
Sam Cooke   Cupid   GR. HITS Buy It!
Gregory Isaacs w/ Ranking Barnabas   Can I Change My Mind   MY NUMBER ONE Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Rinocerose   323 Secondes de Musique Repetetives Avec Guitarre Espagnole   INSTALLATION SONORE Buy It!
Eurythmics   Love Is A Stranger (ColdCut mix)   BMG UK 12" PT 44268 Buy It! (sorta…)
Diblo Dibala   O.K.Madame   AFRIQUE PARADE Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Sonic Youth   Nevermind (What Was It Anyway)   NYC Ghosts And Flowers Buy It!
Swervedriver   Rave Down   RAISE Buy It!
Peter Case   Coulda Woulda Shoulda   FLYING SAUCER BLUES Buy It!
The Mono Men   Mystery Girl   SIN & TONIC Buy It!
Big Duke Henderson   Baby Beat It   R&B CONFIDENTIAL Flair/Virgin 86303
---   ---   ---
Day One   Trying Too Hard   ORDINARY MAN Buy It!
Stereolab   French Disco   REFRIED ECTOPLASM Buy It!
U2   Even Better Than The Real Thing   ACHTUNG BABY! Buy It!
Blacksheep   The Choice Is Yours   A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING Buy It!
Eon   Spice   Vinyl Solution Test
---   ---   ---
end   end   end >

August 02 2000
" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++
(cover) Wilson Pickett   Mama Told Me Not To Come   BLACK ON WHITE Rhino R2 71227
Morrissey   Sing Your Life   KILL UNCLE Buy It!
The Byrds   So You Wanna Be A Rock 'n Roll Star   BYRDS Buy It!
The Promise Ring   Electric Pink   ELECTRIC PINK EP Buy It!
Blondie   Hangin' On The Telephone   PARALLEL LINES Buy It!
Primal Scream   Don't Fight It Feel It (Whistling Mix   Sire / WB 12" 40193 Buy It! (sorta….)
---   ---   ---
Jayhawks   A Break In The Clouds   SMILE Buy It!
Dale Watson   A Real Country Song   BLESSED OR DAMNED Buy It!
Mary Timony   I Fire Myself   MOUNTAINS Buy It!
Air   Playground Love   VIRGIN SUICIDES Buy It!
Singers And Players   Boof Um Baff Um   VACUUM PUMPING On-U Sound ON-U LP39
---   ---   ---
Randy Newman   I'm Dead, But I Don't Know It   BAD LOVE Buy It!
Velocity Girl   Sorry Again   SIMPATICO! Buy It!
David Bowie   Young Americans   YOUNG AMERICANS Buy It!
DeeJay Punk-Roc   My Beatbox   CHICKENEYE Buy It!
---   ---   ---
U2 w/ D. Lanois   The Ground Beneath Her Feet   MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL Buy It!
Sonic Youth   Catholic Block   SISTER Buy It!
The Frogmen   Underwater   ROCK INST. CLASSICS VOL 5 Buy It!
The Pogues   Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (long)   YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH EP Island 12" 0-96578
Etta James   Seven Day Fool   GO GO POWER Charly CDARC512
---   ---   ---
Jazz Cannon   (Last Days) In Candy's Room   AMATEUR SOUL SURGERY F8 FER88809-2
Grace Jones   Pull Up To The Bumper   PRIVATE LIFE Buy It!
Ramdeen Maraj   Doo Doo Darling Dhulanie   HOT & SPICEY CHUTNEY Buy It!
Maurice   This Is Acid   HOUSE HALLUCINATES VOL 1 A+M SP 3928
---   ---   ---
Billy Bragg w/ Wilco   Meanest Man  MERMAID AVE 2 Buy It!
Nora Case   Looks Like I'm Up Shit Creek Again   DOWN TO THE PROMISED LAND Buy It!
The Clash w/ Mikey Dread   Armagideon Time (live)   FROM HERE TO ETERNITY Buy It!
The Gap Band   Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt ME)   THE BEST OF... Buy It!
---   ---   ---
end   end   end

August 03 2000
+++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++
(Cover) The Unholy Trio   Bring The Noise   DOWN TO THE PROMISED LAND Buy It!
The Cure   Jumping Someone Else's Train   BOYS DON’T CRY Buy It!
Handsome Boy Modelling   Rock ' Roll...   SO, HOW'S YOUR GIRL Buy It!
Luscious Jackson   Deep Shag   NATURAL INGREDIENTS Buy It!
Yello   Of Course I'm Lying   ESSENTIAL Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Richard Ashcroft   For The Lovers   ALONE WITH EVERYBODY Buy It!
Bjork   Violently Happy   DEBUT Buy It!
Pieter K   Pendulum   Higher Education 12" 0-44899
Papa Wemba   Kaokorobo   KINGS OF AFRICAN MUSIC Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Elliot Smith   Son Of Sam   FIGURE 8 Buy It!
Robyn Hitchcock   Brenda's Iron Sledge   BLACK SNAKE... Buy It!
The Prissteens   Run Back To You   (LIVE AT WNEW)
Grandmixer DST   Home Of Hip Hop   Celluloid 12" CEL 185 Buy It!
Manu Dibango   Soul Makossa   DIDN'T IT BLOW…VOL 12 Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Nick Cave + Bad Seeds   Papa Won't Leave You Honey   HENRY'S DREAM Buy It!
Screaming Blue Messiahs   I Wanna Be A Flintstone (ext)   BIKINI RED Elektra
Portishead   All Mine   PORTISHEAD Buy It!
The Spaniels   (You Gave Me) Peace Of Mind   GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART GOODNIGHT Instant CD INS 5062
---   ---   ---
Trembling Blue Stars   Sometime I Still Feel The Bruise   BROKEN BY WHISPERS Buy It!
Basehead   Not Over You   PLAY WITH TOYS Émigré ECD 005
PJ Harvey   Down By The Water   TO BRING YOU MY LOVE Buy It!
Belle And Sebastian   Judy Is A Dickslap   LEGAL MAN EP Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Paul Van Dyk   Tell Me Why (The Riddle)   OUT THERE AND BACK Buy It!
PM Dawn   Paper Doll (club mix)   Gee St. UK 12" geet 35 Buy It! (sorta…)
Underworld   Shudder / King Of Snake   BEAUCOUP FISH Buy It!
---   ---   ---

August 04 2000
(cover) The Moog Cookbook   Whole Lotta Love   PLAYS THE CLASSIC ROCK HITS Buy It!
The Standells   Try It!   TRY IT! Sundazed SC 6022
The Plimsouls   Everywhere At Once   EVERYWHERE AT ONCE Buy It!
Travis   Blue Flashing Light   THE MAN WHO Buy It!
Velocity Girl   The All-Consumer   SIMPATICO! Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Horace Andy   Juggling   LIVING IN THE FLOOD Buy It!
William De Vaughan   Be Thankful For What You've Got   BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU'VE GOT
Rolling Stones   Gimme Shelter   LET IT BLEED Buy It!
Black Box   I Don't Know Anybody Else   RCA 12' 2735-1-RD Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Jules Shear   Too Soon Gone   ALLOW ME Buy It!
Adult Net   Take Me   THE HONEY TANGLE
Talking Heads   Once In A Lifetime   REMAIN IN LIGHT Buy It!
DJ Chuck Chillout + Kool Chip   Rhythm Is The Master   MASTERS OF THE RHYTHM
---   ---   ---
Randy Newman   Shame   BAD LOVE Buy It!
Caitlin Cary   Please Take The Devil Out Of Me   DOWN TO ... Buy It!
Ocean Blue   Between Something and Nothing   Buy It!
Primal Scream   Keep Your Dreams   XTRMNTR Buy It!
Beastie Boys   Hey Ladies   PAULS BOUTIQUE Buy It!
---   ---   ---
The Jayhawks   I'm Gonna Make You Love Me   SMILE Buy It!
Blake Babies   Nirvana   ROSY JACK WORLD EP
Soukouss Gentlemen   Bassala   AFRIQUE PARADE VOL 4 Buy It!
Console   14 Zero Zeroi   ROCKET IN THE POCKET Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Sinead O'Connor   No Man's Woman   FAITH AND COURAGE Buy It!
Prince   U Got The Look   SIGN O' THE TIMES Buy It!
Amaon Tobin w/ Quadraceptor   Precursor   SUPERMODIFIED Buy It!
C-Bank   One More Shot   GR. HITS Next Plateau
---   ---   ---


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