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(cover) Tindersticks   I've Been Loving You To Long   TRAVELLING LIGHT EP WAY 4555
Elliot Smith   Son Of Sam   FIGURE 8 Buy It!
The Beatles   Lovely Rita Meter Maid   SGT. PEPPERS... Buy It!
Siouxsee + Banshees   Shadowtime   SUPERSTITION Buy It!
Rinocerose   La Guitaristique House Org.   INSTALLATION SONORE Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Ish / Shelene Thomas   Inner Bein'   SUBTERRANEAN HITZ VOL 1 Buy It!
Van Morrison   Moondance   MOONDANCE Buy It!
Coldcut   Beats and Pieces   Ahead Of Our Time UK 12" CCUT 1
Keep On Running Away   Bits 'n Pieces   UPTOWN, DOWN SOUTH Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Belle + Sebastian   The Wrong Girl   FOLD YOUR HANDS Buy It!
Roky Erickson   I Walked With A Zombie   YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME Buy It!
David Bowie   John' I'm Only Dancing   CHANGESBOWIE Buy It!
Moby   Honey   PLAY Buy It!
Orq. Estrellas Cubanas   Los Tiempos Cambian   EL MAMBO ME PRIVA Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Billy Bragg + Wilco   Against The Law   MERMAID AVE 2 Buy It!
Cocteau Twins   Heaven Or Las Vegas   HEAVEN OR LAS VEGAS Buy It!
XTC   I'd Like That   VOL 1 APPLE VENUS Buy It!
The Nails   Things You Left Behind   DANGEROUS DREAMS RCA AFL1-5831
Morcheeba w/ Bahamadia  Good Girl Down   FRAGMENTS OF FREEDOM Buy It!
---   ---   --- Buy It!
Kelly Hogan + PVC   I Still Can't Believe That You're Gone   BENEATH... Buy It!
Elvis Costello + Attractions   Shipbuilding   PUNCH THE CLOCK Buy It!
Biz Markie   This Is Something For The Radio   GOIN' OFF Buy It!
Rose Royce   Wishing On A Star   GR. HITS Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Broadcast   Papercuts   THE NOISE MADE BY PEOPLE Buy It!
REM   Pretty Persuasion   MURMUR Buy It!
MC Paul Berman   How Hard Is That?   Matador 12" OLE 447 Buy It! (sorta…)
Sven Vath   L'Esperanza   ACCIDENT IN PARADISE Buy It!
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