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(cover) The Moog Cookbook   Whole Lotta Love   PLAYS THE CLASSIC ROCK HITS Buy It!
The Standells   Try It!   TRY IT! Sundazed SC 6022
The Plimsouls   Everywhere At Once   EVERYWHERE AT ONCE Buy It!
Travis   Blue Flashing Light   THE MAN WHO Buy It!
Velocity Girl   The All-Consumer   SIMPATICO! Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Horace Andy   Juggling   LIVING IN THE FLOOD Buy It!
William De Vaughan   Be Thankful For What You've Got   BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU'VE GOT
Rolling Stones   Gimme Shelter   LET IT BLEED Buy It!
Black Box   I Don't Know Anybody Else   RCA 12' 2735-1-RD Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Jules Shear   Too Soon Gone   ALLOW ME Buy It!
Adult Net   Take Me   THE HONEY TANGLE
Talking Heads   Once In A Lifetime   REMAIN IN LIGHT Buy It!
DJ Chuck Chillout + Kool Chip   Rhythm Is The Master   MASTERS OF THE RHYTHM
---   ---   ---
Randy Newman   Shame   BAD LOVE Buy It!
Caitlin Cary   Please Take The Devil Out Of Me   DOWN TO ... Buy It!
Ocean Blue   Between Something and Nothing   Buy It!
Primal Scream   Keep Your Dreams   XTRMNTR Buy It!
Beastie Boys   Hey Ladies   PAULS BOUTIQUE Buy It!
---   ---   ---
The Jayhawks   I'm Gonna Make You Love Me   SMILE Buy It!
Blake Babies   Nirvana   ROSY JACK WORLD EP
Soukouss Gentlemen   Bassala   AFRIQUE PARADE VOL 4 Buy It!
Console   14 Zero Zeroi   ROCKET IN THE POCKET Buy It!
---   ---   ---
Sinead O'Connor   No Man's Woman   FAITH AND COURAGE Buy It!
Prince   U Got The Look   SIGN O' THE TIMES Buy It!
Amaon Tobin w/ Quadraceptor   Precursor   SUPERMODIFIED Buy It!
C-Bank   One More Shot   GR. HITS Next Plateau
---   ---   ---

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